Lazy Wednesday!

Lesson Learned: I know that I've said before that Frisco cops don't mess around, but today they went to another level with me. I saw a school bus pulled over getting a ticket!! A SCHOOL BUS!! In a school zone! I couldn't believe my eyes.

This morning was really cloudy and drizzly and we were still pretty tired from all the running that we did yesterday. So we were just taking it slowly. Josh went to leave for work then came back in and reminded me that we left his car at swimming yesterday. So we all went rushing out the door, I was still in my pajamas and so were the boys. Then I needed to stop for gas so there I was pumping in my pjs. I don't think I've ever left the house not dressed before.

The afternoon was more of the same. Josh ended up working late then he made some stops on the way home. One of the stops included going by the ice skating ring at Stonebriar to sign Ethan up for lessons.

Potty training update: The day went pretty well till 7:00 at night. Then he had an accident right next to the restroom. Then Preston came running by and slipped and fell into the puddle. So I had to strip Preston down and take his favorite blanket to be washed. I place Preston in the playpen and he started crying. Ethan lost the TV because of his accident so he started crying too. Thank goodness Josh showed up about this time and got the boys to calm down.