Lesson learned: Life is precious!!

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. At about 3:00 pm yesterday we got an upsetting phone call. A close family friend has been given 6 to 12 hours by the doctors. As of last night she was stable but not improving. We haven't heard anything today.  We are trying to figure out when we should go to LA.

Update: She has a fungal infection in her blood which has put her in refractive septic shock. Because of her low white blood cell count, she has having extreme difficulty in fighting this infection and the outcome of her current status is doubtful at best. She is conscious but has difficulty talking due to dehydration.

Yesterday was pretty much like the two days before except we had swimming last night. We gave the girl whose birthday we missed on Saturday her birthday gift. We also gave a mom whose son is going to start at the daycare we just left so I gave her all of our uniforms and a bunch of diapers. She was super excited because that just saved her a ton of money and I was super excited because I got rid of a bunch of stuff that was just taking up space.

This morning Korri came over and helped me take the boys to story time at the library. We were about 15 minutes later then I was last week but there was still plenty of parking. We got to the door and there wasn't anyone there yet. Then I noticed a note on the door saying that there is no story time this week and there isn't going to be story time till September 14th. What??!! A month with no story time and they are going to be closed for a week starting on Tuesday. Sigh. Apparently, I wasn't the only mom that didn't get the memo. While we were waiting a couple other families came. Ethan can be the sweetest and most polite child when he wants to be. When the next mom came up Ethan was just saying please and thank you and being very helpful. I was starting to wonder if his body had been snatched or something. Then the library opened and he returned to his normal self.  At least Korri came was with me. So when the boys decided to run off in different directions there was someone to follow each of them. I do have to say the library has an amazing kids section. I did manage to get a library card today. Words can not describe how very grateful I am for Korri's help today. I think I would have pulled my hair out if she wasn't there.
Came home for lunch. Then the boys went down for naps at the same time. I'm still very torn about changing Preston's nap time to coincide with Ethan's. Right now it gives me a little alone time with each boy, but if they had the same nap time then we could go an do more during the day. I would also have more time to get things done around the house. Right now, we really need to be home from 10:00 till 3:30 for all the different naps. Right now just once a week for the boys to have the same nap time I think will be okay.
After the boys got up my parents came over for a little bit till it was time for me to pick up Josh. I have to say I love my oven! I can get food ready stick it in and tell the oven when to turn on, what temperature to cook at, and how long to cook. When it is done cooking the oven turns off. So that seems to really help with having dinner done at a decent time.
Ethan was all about daddy time, but for some reason Ethan forgot how to use the potty during that time and had three accidents!! He had been doing so great the last two days. The last time he went in the ball pit so Josh cleaned all the balls with bleach and water solution. So I was back to Ethan duty and he did fine again. So I don't know if he was just testing Josh to see if he would have the same consequences with Josh or if he was seeing if Josh would put him in Pull-ups again. Ethan still lost his TV time and play time on my phone and he didn't get pull-ups either.

A note on my two previous entries, basically all I was saying is this week it is really setting in that I'm a stay at home mom. That I really need to get on the ball and figure out a weekly schedule before the week starts and stick to it. I'm not talking about scheduling every minute of the day because I believe that unstructured play time is just as important as structured learning time. Right now the only time I feel comfortable with the boys being outside is before 10:00 if they are playing the water and 9:00 if they are just running around. We have had over 13 days of over 100 degrees. So in the next few weeks the highs should be lower and we can have outside time in the afternoon. Then we can spend the mornings doing lessons. Then again I still need to get them scheduled in different activities and yes I'll probably over schedule the boys. Then again both my boys have a ton of energy that they need to burn off.

Another lesson learned yesterday: When playing with play-doh if you roll the dough into a ball it is much easier to get out the next time you use that color. I was just have Ethan smash it into the container when he was done and I was having a hard time getting it back out.

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