Shop till they drop!!

Lesson learned: That kids can embarrass me more then my parents ever thought about doing. Come on mom and dad there were times you did stuff on purpose to make my head explode.

This morning we actually got to sleep in till almost 7:00 today. Unfortunately there was a sale that started at seven this morning that we wanted to be there when they opened . It is okay we were there by nine and we went shoe shopping! Josh got two pairs, I got a pair of running shoes, and Ethan got some that blink when he walks. So he loves stomping around! Then we went to the book store. I didn't find a curriculum there but Ethan found a really cool leap frog toy. Then we found Kirlands and they didn't have what I was looking for. I apparently got an early edition of the paper that had a bag for Office Max that anything you were able to put in it they would take 20%. So we decided to do some shopping there, did I mention that we got an early edition? So the we can't use it till tomorrow at least the store is holding the bag for us.
 We came home for lunch and the boys could take a nap. Preston woke up early and so I took him with me to a teachers store. I thought their curriculum was way over priced, every subject you had to buy individual. They have some really neat education toys that I haven't seen anywhere else not to mention they also offer Kindermusik there. Right next to the teacher's store there is an kids art studio so I picked up their fall schedule. Then we headed to Mardel they actually have a huge selection of teaching stuff. So I found a monthly curriculum and a yearly one that I picked up. They also had science stuff for preschoolers that I have not seen anywhere. While I was shopping Preston tried to take everything off the shelves. Then would scream when I told him no. There are no words to describe how embarrassed I was. I didn't want to just leave because I was almost done, but I did cut the shopping trip short. After the cashier told me the total it was a good thing that I didn't get to finish. Then we came back home because it was time for Ethan to wake up.

The boys had a snack and ran around for a little bit then my mom came over. We continued on our shopping adventure. We went to Hobby Lobby they didn't have anything that we needed. We loaded up in the van and were trying to figure out where to go next, Ethan informs me that he has to go potty!! Yikes. So I ran him back into the store and there was a potty success. Turns out that he didn't really need to go potty but on of the rewards he get to do is play games on my phone. He saw the phone because I was looking up directions for different stores. At least he let me know that he need to go and he actually went so I'll mark that as a success. Once Ethan and I got loaded back into the van, I decided that it was time to eat. So we got a quick bite and kept on trucking. I need to find a fake tree and a decorative table so that some part of my house will be decorated and not with kid stuff even if it is just the landing area upstairs. Then we headed to Michael's, success I have a tree!! It was only 17.99!! I was totally expecting to have to spend so much more than that. Right when we got in line to check out Ethan said something about poopies. I didn't quite understand what he said so I asked if he had some or need to make some. He told no he didn't need to go to the bathroom. So I just let it go because it was my turn to check out. Then we had an accident. My mom took him to the restroom while I finished up. Then we headed to the car to change clothes and unload the tree. On to World Market. They had several tables but Preston started freaking out so we decided to leave. Then I realized it was almost Preston's bedtime. He was out before we got home. My mom left and Ethan played with Play-Doh till his bedtime.
Did I mention that I hurt my ankle yesterday? I can't imagine why it is bothering me right now? I think tomorrow I might take it a little easier.

Josh's mom called and Susan is no longer with us. She was an amazing person and I better off for have known her. She was always so joyful and full of life. She will be greatly missed in this family. Susan Garret August 11, 1961 - August 14, 2010.