Sunday the day of rest?

Lesson learned: The boys can sit through church!

Josh's dad has a program that he wrote and directed. So he asked us to come see it. So we got up and got ready for church. I packed a few toys that I thought would keep the boys entertained. We got there just after service started we were informed that because of the special performance that all the kids were in the sanctuary. We have attended several different churches and have never made it through a service without having to take out at least one of the boys. I don't know if I was able to pick out better toys to entertain them because I know them better now. Then again there was a lot of singing and the boys do love singing. At one point Ethan was trying to sing along. At any rate the boys were both very well behaved and we made it without having to take either boy out. After the service Josh's dad and Bobby wanted to have lunch. I requested that we go somewhere that had a playground because I didn't want to press my luck with the boys.

We ended up at McDonald's. After the boys ate we let them play in the playground. Josh took Ethan and Josh's dad took Preston up into the tunnels. It was hilarious watching them get out of the slides.

Once we got home the boys and Josh all laid down. Josh fell right asleep, the boys however woke up then kept each other awake. So I moved Ethan into bed with Josh and then all were out in a matter of minutes. Josh woke up after 5:00 and we woke the boys up at 6:00. They still went to bed at 8:00.