Sunday is fun day!

Lesson learned: I'm excited to be teaching the boys.

Today was a lazy day. I guess everyone is just tired from all the running we did yesterday. So in the morning the boys just played in the playroom and then we headed over to my parents to go swimming.

We got there and Ms. Pattie was there. Ethan was so excited! We were playing catch and keep away. Lots of smiles and giggles from the boys. I was going through the ads and coupons that my grandmother brought me and saw that Staples had spiral note books for a PENNY!!! (limit six) and they had reams of paper for a PENNY (limit two with rebate).  While we were gone my dad started playing kid videos off of youTube. Then we ended up playing all the Wiggle songs that were preformed at the concert. Both boys were dancing around like they did at the concert. My mom started to get the pool ready for us to go out but Preston fell asleep and Ethan just wanted to watch the Wiggles videos.

After dinner, I worked on the lesson plans for the week. It looks like we are going to be learning about farm animals this week.

Potty training update: Ethan had two accidents today. He is letting us know when he needs to go and still needs help but we are defiantly moving in the right direction. He is staying dry during the night.