Monday, August 23, 2010


Lesson learned: Sundays wear me out.

We started off having a pretty lazy day but that quickly changed. We got the house picked up before we left for the day at my parents home. So on Monday I wouldn't have to catch up from the weekend. We made it to Rockwall for lunch. After lunch we tried to get Ethan to take a nap and he wasn't any of it. Ethan did snuggle on the couch with my dad and they watched TV. Preston ran around till his nap time. While the boys were preoccupied I looked over the weekly ads. There were some really great deals going on so Josh and I headed out. So we were planning to only spend about 2.00 at Target and we went way over that because we saw they had the summer stuff marked down 30%. So we ended up spending over $50 on chemicals. Then we moved on to OfficeMax. We got 12 spiral notebook, 3 packs of paper, and a ruler for .65. I was really excited about how much we got for less then a dollar.

After we got back from shopping the boys were up an running around. We had dinner then headed out to the pool. The boys were having so much fun. Ethan loves jumping in and swimming to people. At one point we formed a circle and the boys were swimming from person to person. They were so warn out when we finally came in. They weren't about to stop moving. I had to print off my weekly grocery lists from e-mealz and the grocery game. Plus make print outs for the lesson plans this week.

The boys didn't even make it out of my parents subdivision before they were asleep. They had a busy day and it was past their bed time. After we got home the front sprinklers were running which was a good thing because we have a leak in that zone and it helped us find where it is actually coming from. We unloaded everything that we bought and had taken over to my parents house. Then Josh worked on his side project and I started cutting and preparing lesson plans for the week.

Potty training update: I haven't been putting updates because Ethan has been doing really well. Today he had one accident and that was right before we left my parents house. He felt really bad about the accident and went around apologizing to everyone.