Lesson learned: Not everyone should sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

We wrapped up the family week. We still have some coloring and have to put together the grandparents day presents but we still have a little time. The day its self was tame. After the boys went down for their nap I stepped outside to check the mail. The Schwan guy was there talking to one of my neighbors. We really need to get our door bell fixed but then again I'm glad that it didn't work because it would have woken up the boys. He came back over after the talk to the neighbor. Then there was a package at the door. My new curriculum arrived!! It looks like it is going to be a lot better for us then what I've been using. Everyday has it own package. I also got the toddler extension lesson plan too. The only thing that I don't like is that this month's theme is family. They also have field trip ideas. This month they recommend going to a shelter and to learn about pets. I love the idea just I hope that I don't come home with an animal.

This was the last week rough riders regular season. Tonight is the last night that they have fireworks. So it sounds like the perfect night to go. So Josh got home and we headed out to the game. There aren't words to describe Ethan's excitement as he walked through the ballpark. At first Ethan thought he was going to play baseball. We went to the playground but it closed for a birthday party but would open during the first inning. So we started to go back to our seat when they announced that some of the baseball players were out signing autographs. Then we got dinner hot dogs and nachos of course. Our seats were in the shade and there was a slight breeze it was really comfortable. After we finished eating the game was on its way. During the third inning I took Ethan back to the playground. It was crazy full of kids. There was a group of slightly older kids but they were actually being careful of the littler kids. There was one girl in the group that wouldn't get on the playground because she didn't want to hurt the kids. Ethan was wanting to go on the higher slides but he wanted help so I asked the girl if she would take Ethan in the playground. Her friends were really excited that she finally agreed to play with them. After awhile Ethan wanted to go back and watch the game. So we headed back to our seats. Then it was time for cotton candy. Preston had no interest in the cotton candy but Ethan loved it. Then Josh and Ethan headed back to the playground. While they were playing Ethan apparently fell about six feet onto the ground. There was another kid that broke his fall but it completely freaked Josh out. They came back and he watched the rest of the game. The Rough Riders won!! Then there was fireworks afterwords. The boys loved the whole evening.