This is it!

Lesson for today: Things aren't as hard as I tend to make them.

Today is the first day that the boys are home full time. So I called in my mom for some moral support. She was a ton of help. I was able to get several things taken care of that I didn't get to last week.

For the past year and half I've been saying, "If I just had a week home with my son he would be potty trained in a week" I guess it is time. There really isn't any reason that he isn't potty trained expect that pull ups are just so convenient. He can't stand to have wet paints so he has been at the point where he just has to feel the accidents. I picked up the cool sensation pull ups but whatever is in them that causes the cool sensation Ethan has a reaction to it. Starting today he is in big boy underwear all the time. he has had several accidents but several successful toilet trips.

This morning Josh wanted to be at work at 7:00am. I set my alarm and was sort of waking up when I heard Josh try to start the car. I could tell the battery was dead. So I went ahead and got up. Got the kids loaded up and we headed out right at 7:00. It is nice that Josh works so close to home. Being at home I didn't have to rush and get the kids ready for school and myself for work then try to get Josh to work, the kids to daycare, then rush off to work. It was just very stress free and a minor inconvenience.