This weeks theme Grandparent's day and Family

I'm aware that Grandparent's day isn't till September 12th. Originally I was going to do this theme next week so that the art projects could be mailed and received before the 12th. Last week when we were at Nash farm, I found out the farm is having a bee day on September 4th so next week we are going learn about bees. Josh and I are still discussing going out to LA to see his mom. I don't know if we are going to get to go back to Nash farm for the buzz on bee they are going to have. I'm just making a plan "A" and plan "B" until we actually have tickets. I'm not 100% in love with the curriculum that I'm using. It is okay but it has five centers that you are suppose to use all week. Then three activities a day and that includes circle time. One problem that I have is the library has been closed so I can't get the books that I need for the week. So that is leaving only two activities and the boys could care less about doing the same centers every day.

The boys are still tired from yesterday. After Josh left we ran around outside for 30 minutes. Then we came in and did our circle time. Preston went down for his nap. First Ethan wanted to color then wanted to do something else. So I figured that we could do some science experiments. I put some water in the kitchen sink and we figured out what floated and what sinks. Ethan was having so much fun picking out different things to put in the sink. Then he wanted TV. So I put on Lilo and Stitch since the story is about family and it sort of goes with the theme. Ethan then wanted to carry around the items that we tested in the sink and to do it again.

Preston only slept for about 30 minutes during the afternoon nap so I wasn't able to get my cleaning done. Since I've been home he has gotten a lot more affectionate. He loves getting and giving hugs and kisses. It felt like for an hour he was having me blow raspberries on his neck. At three we woke Ethan up. Preston wanted to play in the water but Ethan wasn't interested in it. Then Preston soon was over it. We came in and worked on some of the Grandparent Day gifts. While I was cooking dinner the boys were busy playing in one of the cabinets that is still empty. It started off really cute until it turned in to just slamming the cabinet doors. After dinner Josh told me to take a break and have a hot bath. So I feel so refreshed right now. While I was in the bath Josh and Ethan picked up everything and did the dishes for me.

Potty training update: No accidents today! That includes nap time. Then again he did go to bed in a pull-up because I didn't have any underwear at my parents house last night. Right now when Ethan lets us know that he needs to go is he says, "I'm dry". At least we know that really means rush me to the restroom NOW!