Thursday, August 5, 2010


Lesson learned: I learned two things today. First, story time at the library is a wonderful thing. Second, there are a ton of stay at home moms around here.

This morning Ethan woke up early. So Josh threw him in bed with me while he took a shower. Then he brought both kids down to give them breakfast so that I could get a few more minutes of sleep. I decided that it was time for us to have an adventure. So last night I got the computer for a few minutes while Josh took a run. I saw that the library had several different story times broken up by age group. They even had print out online. I was feeling a little intimidated. So I figured that I would show up early to find out if the boys could go to the same story time. If I needed to bring the print out. Where we need to go and get the tickets. Basically I had a lot of questions. I got there 30 minutes early but the library didn't open till the first story time started. So I was about to leave but I had a phone call from Kori. After I got off the phone there was a line forming behind me. It turns out that if you don't show up early then you can't get in. They don't care about what age your kids are they just have several shows because there is such a demand for them. The kids did great! Preston tried to crawl away once during the show but other than that. Both kids either were in my lap or right next to me. Ethan did get separated from me for about a second when we were leaving and I think it freaked him out. I never lost eye sight of him and he stopped and moved to the side till Preston and I could meet up with him. On the short drive home both boys fell asleep. So I'm defiantly going to be taking the kids back next week. I think that we are going to have to go twice a week to the library once for us to look at book and another to do story time.

Kori came over for lunch. It was the first time she has seen the boys in a long time. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and I was able to convince her to use the extra Wiggle's ticket that we have.

Ethan skipped his afternoon nap. Potty training we okay we had three accidents.

After dinner the boys played outside.