Treasure Hunt - Day 1

lesson learned: How precious family is.

Last night after we got back from the walk I plugged my phone it to upload pictures and the screen just went white. I couldn't get it to do anything.

This morning Josh let me sleep in a little bit. Then it was breakfast time. We then all went outside and played for a while. Came in and did today's day of the week, shape, and color just so that Josh could see what we do in the morning. Then we headed to Willow Bend Mall to the Apple store to get my phone fixed. They couldn't help me until after 6:00pm. So I asked where any other Apple stores in the Dallas area are and they said there is one in Frisco and they could get me in right away. I made my appointment for later in the day because we were on the way to meet Josh's dad at his school. Then we headed to lunch. He informed us that he is going to have to go under a medical procedure but doctors are giving a really great outlook. With what just happened with Susan it just me take as second to realize how important family is. After lunch Josh ran into Costco while I stayed in the van with the sleeping boys. Plan "A" was for us to lay the boys down and let them sleep for a little longer. When we got out of the van the boys woke up and there was no going back to sleep. So we let the run around for about an hour and half. Then we headed out for the treasure hunt that the city of Frisco is doing. Basically it is for people to discover different parts of Frisco more information can be found at We started off at the Frisco Athletic center, then headed to FieldhouseUSA, and then we found the Frisco Heritage Museum. There are a total of twelve places that you can get "X" for but while we are driving around we are finding many other little gems. For example, on the way to the Frisco Heritage Museum we found a snow cone place that was completely packed. We thought about stopping and checking it out but the line was just two long so we decided to check out Dimples is a  cupcake place that I saw on the way to the library. We got the banana pudding, half and half, chocolate mousse, red velvet, and cookies and cream. There cupcakes are amazing. After cupcakes then it was off to Stonebriar Mall get my phone fixed. I'm so excited that my phone is working. While we were in the store Josh and Ethan got antsy so they went down to Indoor Safari Park it is a toy store that has a train that Ethan could ride. Calling Indoor Safari Park a toy store under represents the store. They have toys and books that I haven't seen anywhere else. It is where I found the electronics kit for ages 3+. Then we checked out the play center. Preston and Ethan had an amazing time running around. I guess I found were we are going to start going during the day so the kids can run around while the weather is still so hot. Then we headed home.