Wash, rinse, repeat

Lesson learned: Frisco PD does not mess around!! I was driving home from dropping Josh off and was behind a cop when all the sudden his lights come on and he drives over the median and pulls someone over that was going the other direction. The part that killed me was their was a left turn lane coming up and I've never seen an officer drive over vegetation to pull someone over.

Today is apparently me feeling like I'm stuck in a couple of bad 80 movies. I started off feeling like I'm in Ground Hogs day. The boys and I did basically the same thing as we did yesterday.

Ethan had four accidents today. The first two were while he was playing outside. Another one was during nap time. Then the last one was my fault. When I left to pick Josh up I thought it was just going to be a quick 15 minute trip. I let the boys take their sippy cups with them. Once I got on the road I saw that I had a voice mail from the daycare they used to attend. The pictures I ordered were in. A long story short the 15 trip took over an hour. Ethan did use the restroom at the daycare when we got the pictures. He just couldn't hold it for me getting everyone drinks for dinner. I didn't take him to the restroom as soon as we came in the door.

I've read several things about potty training. One thing that I've seen several times that has bugged me each time is that the reason kids aren't potty trained as soon as they used to be is because the parents were the ones really trained. I'm not saying that isn't true but it is just a lot more convenient to use pull-ups then the cloth diapers of  yesterday. I think my mom was just more motivated to get us potty trained then I've been with Ethan. Ethan doesn't like his pants to be wet. So when I would let him have the accidents in his pants was when he started to use the toilet better. When he was at daycare I would work with him on the weekend but on Monday they would put him back in a pull up. So by Friday I was starting all over with him. Another thing about just having him in normal underwear it is making me pay more attention to his non-verbal cues.

This week it seems to finally be hitting me that I'm a stay at home mom. The first week that I was home I just felt like I was off work because the kids were still in daycare all day. Then last week I still felt like I was on vacation and the kids were just with me. This week my entire being is starting to realize that this is my life now. The other 80's movie reference is I feel like Mr. Mom when he first started staying home with the kids. I know that I will eventually get more comfortable taking the kids out and doing things on my own but I'm still very uncomfortable doing it. Another thing that I realized today, this is the longest that I've ever been with both of my kids. When I was on maternity leave I would spend a ton of time with my mom who has always been a ton of help. When I had Preston, Ethan still went to daycare everyday. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be running all over town without a second thought about doing on my own.

On a lighter note, I saw an add for  soccer classes today. According to the add they start kids at 18 months just check the website for more details. I haven't checked the website yet but I'm excited. I also need to get the boys signed up for gymnastics and Ethan in the circus class. With swimming and story time it looks like we are going to have pretty full schedules this fall.