Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 2

Lesson learned: There is no singing during play-doh time!!

Hopefully this will be the last week that Josh is going to have to work on his side project. That means that I will have more computer time and will be able to edit my post before I post them.

We still haven't gotten the second car working yet. So I'm still having to drive him to and from work. After the boys and I got back from dropping Josh off, we played outside. Then we came in and picked up the books the boys pulled down while we were waiting for Josh to get ready. Preston had his nap and  I told Ethan that he could play with play-doh in the spare bedroom while Preston was down for a nap. Then I couldn't find the play-doh. At least there were boxes that were full of toys that kept him occupied till I remember where the play-doh was.

I let the boys sleep a little long for their afternoon naps. So after they woke up we played in the spare bedroom till it was time to pick Josh up. Ethan wanted Preston to take another nap so that he could play with the play-doh some more. After Josh got home, he and the boys put together the second alphabet floor that we got for the main play room. Josh didn't sleep last night so he was pretty wiped. So he put Preston done and he went to bed too. It was nice to have a quite evening.

Ethan only had two accidents today. He isn't fighting us anymore about using the potty. He loves to point out that he is a big boy. I just can't wait till he is doing it completely on his own.

Over the weekend, I came to the realization that I'm now a minivan driving housewife. *sigh* At least I'm not desperate, yet. What is up with the mom groups here? Really how hard is it to return a call? May be once I get the boys involved in classes I'll meet more moms. I need to do more to get a key for the community pool. I still need to find a curriculum. I figured just a couple of weeks off isn't going to hurt the boys. Preston's vocabulary has really blossomed in the bast couple of weeks. That is really exciting for me. Ethan was actually using the letters from the floor to build words. I just feel like I need to get more structure to our days. I did manage to keep the TV off all day. However, I only got two boxes unpacked. The hour and half  the boys are a sleep at the same time just isn't long enough to get everything done. There was a mountain of clothes and dishes from over the weekend. I've gotten caught up on those so maybe I'll get more unpacking done tomorrow.

Can I just take a second to mention how frustrating it is that Ethan's birthday is in September? I found a soccer league that actually does three-year-old, however they have to be three by September 1st. Then only thing that doesn't have my head completely exploding is that Ethan is so little that he would defiantly be the smallest guy on the team. So waiting a year won't be so terrible for him. Just anything for kids under three are mommy and me classes which a lot of them don't let you do two kids at the same time. Another thing is that Ethan has been taking classes for a year without me. I'm sure if I keep looking I'll find something.