Week 3 - Farm Animals

So Josh's side project is due today, so he was letting everyone sleep in this morning. I didn't wake up till my mom called to chat at 8:30!! Yikes! So this morning was like what a normal morning was while I was working full time. Just everyone running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Once the boys and I got home I started in with circle time. There were some elements that were great like what day of the week it is today, and the boys picking out the shape of the day, and the color of the day. I was able to go over the different animals that I had and their sounds. Ethan wasn't interested in the games and songs that I was trying to do. Then we had a farm animal hunt that lasted about three seconds. Ethan just wanted to get his reward for going to the potty which is watching TV. Normally he gets his TV time in the morning but that didn't happen today because we were running so late.

I was thinking that I wanted to finish the week off by going to a farm. While I was clipping coupons I found a petting zoo that is free!
Nap time was a joke. Preston was asleep for about an hour and I don't think that Ethan ever slept. I tried for over an hour and half to get them to sleep but they just weren't having any of it. I really need to get the boys back on their schedules. I don't think they have had their proper naps since last Wednesday.

So the afternoon they just wanted to play in their room. They decided that 5:15 they wanted to come down stairs and watch the Wiggles. I was trying to finish my coupon clipping and prepare for my trip to the grocery store. Josh was nice enough to go last week but this week the list is a lot more complicated. I'm not sure I'll properly maximize the savings.

After we got home the boys ran around some more then off to bed time.

Ethan only had one accident and that was during his "nap time"

Circle time area