What a mistake!

Lesson learned: Don't mess up the kids nap time!!!!

I was just exhausted yesterday by the time the kids went to bed. So I wasn't able to drive the car after it got jumped and Josh needed to work on his project so I had to take him to work again today. The funny part was the boys and I were ready and outside playing waiting for Josh. After I dropped him off I figured that I would drive to my home town to deposit a check. The bank I use only has about eight branches and there is one about 15 minutes closer but I figured I haven't seen the tellers and they haven't seen the boys in a long time. It was worth the fifteen minutes and I would swing by and pick up my mom. The boys fell asleep on the way. Then after we went to the bank I took my mom on some other errands. Then we had a snack at my parents house. Back home. The kids were extra cranky. So we had lunch and I've made them lay down again. Ethan actually never fell asleep but I made him stay in bed till almost 3:00. I figured the down time wouldn't hurt. The boys were a lot happier this afternoon.

Still working on potty training. Ethan is doing a whole lot better. He has only had three accidents today. Once on the way to my parents house. The other was while he was laying down for nap time. Overall a vast improvement over yesterday. I did give Ethan an new fashion statement while he is potty training. Instead of having the training pants on the inside of his clothing I've put it on the outside. Ethan can't stand the feeling of his clothing wet. So this way he gets the pants being wet sensation but I don't have a puddle to clean up.