When is the weekend?

Lesson learned: By keeping the boys running, they sleep a lot better.

We were letting the boys run around outside. Ethan sat down and said this tummy hurt. Josh was completely freaked out. So we took him to the doctor just to be sure that he didn't really get hurt from the fall the night be before. The doctor was great and Ethan is fine. So we headed back home and the boys had lunch. Then nap time.

Ethan had a play date for 2:30 so Josh helped me load the boys into the van. They were both still out. We went to the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary for the play date with Ethan's girlfriend from swimming. They had such a great time looking at the butterflies, animals, and robotic pre-historic animals. Then they dug for fossils. Oh I almost for got about the impromptu concert they put on. The best part for me was hanging out with the other mom. To have someone to talk to that is dealing with the same issues that you are dealing with is such a comfort. I know that I'm not the only mom trying to deal with potty training, but it is nice to hear that someone else is having the exact same problems is nice. She was talking about now that her daughter is going to preschool how hectic the mornings are now. I remember those days, then again it was only a few a weeks ago. All the advice I could get was to prepare everything the night before blah, blah.. I would try that but then something else would go wrong in the morning. There were sometimes we would even forget the bags. It was insane the more we would try to have a smooth morning the more the mornings would go terrible wrong.

Then after dinner we were playing outside till Ethan had an accident. Then it was bath time, but it was still to early for the boys to go to sleep. So we let them run around in the play room.