Here comes the weekend..

So I woke up this morning not feeling the greatest but there isn't any calling in sick for me. I'm just glad that I'm feeling better now. I'm being a bad mom because I'm trying to get everything ready for the party on Sunday. So I'm letting the boys be couch potatoes this morning.

I was hoping to get a lot accomplished during the hour both kids are asleep. No such luck. Preston normally goes down without a problem. I can normally tell him it is nap time he will grab his blanket and head up the stairs. Then go straight to his bed. Today he started off like he normally does but then he got distracted by the tunnel in the playroom. Then he started cry and when we walked in to the boys bedroom his crying scared Ethan right out of bed. Yes Ethan fell out so then he started crying. So I got Preston in his bed and Ethan was over nap time.

So it was time to prepare dinner. First step in my process to start meal time is to put Preston in the play yard so that he won't harm himself or Ethan. When I picked him up his diaper was very ripe. So I was in the middle of changing him when Ethan announces that he needs to go. Ethan is wearing overalls that he can't get out of by himself. *sigh* Yes he was very wet and poopy by the time I got to the restroom but I noticed there wasn't the normal puddle to coincide with his wetness. I got him cleaned up and was headed to the trash when I found the puddle. Preston was headed towards it with the parachute. Luckily I was able to grab the parachute and lift it off the ground just before Preston ran threw it. So I guess dinner is going to be plan B. 

My parents came over to drop stuff off for the party on Sunday and to watch the boys so that we could do serious cleaning. The last of the border is off in the kitchen and all the blue tape from when we scraped the ceilings. 

I love learning toddler speak because it is unique to every child so there isn't just a parent to toddler translation you can fine. Today I learned that Toot! Toot! means I would love to watch the Wiggles please. I would love to hear others favorite toddler to adult translations in the comment section.