Labor Day!!

Lesson learned: Labor day sales aren't that great this year.

Yesterday we went over to my parents home. Patti and Sam came over and played with the boys. After Patti, Sam, and my grandmother left, we left Ethan with my dad and went shopping for Ethan's birthday. We are having a party next weekend. We went to a sport store looking for a bike and roller blades for Ethan but they didn't have anything small enough. Then we headed off to Toys R Us and we had a lot of success. They had a bike, roller blades, and lots of other things that Ethan really doesn't need. :-)

Today we are still at my parents house. I'm finally getting to use the ice cream maker that Mark and Jen got us for our wedding. I made chocolate ice cream, it was so creamy and yummy. Patti made the best banana pudding and my grandmother made brownies. I think I gained 20 pounds today. 

After we ate we played bean bag toss. Then we were all hot so it was time to go swimming. Man the s water cooled us off fast. It was twenty degrees cooler then it was the last time we went swimming. Nobody turned purple but we all were shivering. So we made Ethan go inside and he was not a happy camper. It is sad to think that it was probably the last time we were going to be in my parents pool this summer. Then again isn't Labor Day the official end of summer? *sigh*

It was great just having a relaxing day without a lot of stress. That reminds me I did finally come up with a decision about Ethan's birthday, it is going to be on Sunday at 3:30. I guess that is going to mean I cleaning my house all week.