Manic Monday

Lesson Learned: Kids are a mirror of what you are feeling.

The morning started off by having to take Josh to work. Then on to the doctor's for Ethan's three year old check up.
Height: 2ft 11inches (10%)
Weight: 29.2 lb (48%)
BP: 88/52
BMI: 16.75 (70%)
Vision: passed 20/30
Hearing: passed

I was upset before the doctor's appointment. So during the doctor's appointment the boys were really upset. Then after Ethan got his shots he was really upset. A little later Ethan told me that he got hurt at Dr.D's office and he didn't want to have to go back.

The boys were really tired from the day before and took long naps. Then after nap times we played outside till it was time to pick Josh up from work. There was chalk and bubbles all over the place but my batteries died so I wasn't able to take pictures today.

We were planning on taking Ethan on the path to teach him how to ride his bike but he doesn't like the helmet and wouldn't get on the bike with it on. So that pretty much killed that.