Octoberfest, Plano Balloon Festival it is going to be busy

Lesson learned: I love FREE bagel Fridays!!!

The morning started off us rushing out the door. Josh left his car at skating lessons last night. So we all loaded up in the van to drop him off at the car. However the boys were still hungry so Josh started giving him his breakfast. So I remembered that I had FREE bagel Friday coupons in my purse so we stopped and got some. I do want to pause a moment and explain that just a few years ago I thought bagels were the most disgusting thing on the planet. If there was a morning meeting at work and I was starving I would choke one down. Then I discovered the honey almond smear and my life was changed. However the only time I would have bagels was at work and there was some left over from a meeting. Today when we got our bagels it was the first time that I had a hot toasted one where the smear was melting on it. It was so divine. However Ethan didn't share my view of the nice hot bagel.

Once we got home I got Ethan all cleaned up. Then he wanted to Play-Doh time.

While Ethan was busy with making stuff Preston was busy destroying things. Okay Preston just destroyed one thing and that was the house that I built last night with the air-blox. So now they have a tent and a cube to play in. Then Preston was on to the Legos and Rescue Pack that Ethan got for his birthday. Then Preston wanted Ethan's guitar and that was a complete no. So I gave him his guitar. Then Ethan wanted to play with his guitar. So it was a VarBro concert. Jonas brothers beware there is a new boy band of brothers in the making. I tried to get video of the concert but it was short lived.