Post birtday glow..

Lesson learned: Mom, food taste better off the floor then the table. (Life according to Preston)

Okay I normally don't feed Ethan sugar before bed but it was his birthday and we had the mouth watering delicious cupcakes from Dimples. It is a shame that I'm not doing these cupcakes any justice about how sinfully wonderful they are. Ethan didn't actually fall asleep last night till about midnight, at least he left his brother alone. I suspect that he either woke up in the middle of the night or I just was so tried when I went to bed last night, but someone (I'm guessing Ethan) got into my lipsticks. There were little bits rubbed into the carpeting and lipstick tubes laying about this morning when I got up. I was pretty tried but I really think I would have at least kicked one of the lipsticks last night before bed. At this point it really doesn't matter if it was in the middle of the night or before he fell asleep. Just this morning he was really tired and cranky and I have a mess to clean up.

Korri came over about 10:00 today because I saw a local book store was having a story time at 11:00. She came over early so that I could take a much needed shower. Apparently Ethan let her know that he need to go potty while I was bathing. So Korri help Ethan on the toilet and things were looking good. He told her that he was done and jumped down. While she was assisting him with hand washing. Ethan used this opportunity to finish going potty. Korri had done a good job cleaning up before I got dressed and could assist. *sigh* This is when the meltdown started. Ethan didn't want to put on the clean clothes. He didn't want to put his toys up so that we could leave. He didn't want the TV to be turned off. Most defiantly didn't want to put his shoes on nor try going potty again. While I was looking for my keys and putting my shoes on he was letting me know how none of this was making him a happy boy. We were finally able to all get loaded up in the van and head to the book store.

We did get there a little late, but I figured it was at a store and their story times don't seem to attract as many people. Korri used to work at a book store told me one time the store she worked at organized a story time and the employees even provided the kids that were there. I was correct there was maybe ten kids that were there. They had cookies and a cow to color then assemble. Ethan loved using the safety scissors but Preston was over playing on the train table. So Ethan needed to be over there instead. When we first got to the table there was two other kids that were playing and there seemed to be enough train parts for all the kids. As more of the kids finished their projects they were coming over to play with the trains too. *WARNING* I'm about to rant *WARNING* Even as the kids were filtering over to the train table there were enough train parts for all the kids but there was one child that had two pieces and as he was pushing the two train pieces around the track the second one kept falling over. The child would start crying and the mom would rush over and put the two pieces back together. Since he had two pieces there was one child that didn't have any. Did the mom of the kid with the two pieces make her child share, nope. She just kept putting his two pieces back together. Making all the other kids fight over the left over pieces. One of the moms got so fed up with the situation she just bought her daughter her own train piece. Then the fighting stopped. I'm sorry it would have been a perfect teachable moment for the kid that was obviously an only child about sharing.  *rant over*

We stayed at the mall for lunch. Korri and I were discussing that when parents are in public how much it feels like we are being judged. Then it hit me because we are being judged. I just judged that mom at the book store and she was probably trying to prevent a complete meltdown. While we were eating I felt like I was being judged on how well my boys were or were not behaving. A lot of times is feels like there are all these perfect parents that handle taking their kids out in public without and stress or headaches. Here I am just trying to figure out how does this easy open stroller work again? Then again most stay at home moms start staying home from the beginning when their baby is first born. They adjust their system as the kids grows. Let me tell you when Ethan was a baby we took him everywhere. It was easy because he wouldn't fuss about being strapped in the car seat he was happy and snug and it wasn't like he was going to move anyways. Then once he started figuring out how to move that is when it wasn't as easy. So we started going out less and less. Now I have to figure out how to deal with both boys on my own in public kind of midstream. Once I get advice from other moms that seem to have it a lot more together then I do it is like, duh I knew that. I'm still very much in the frustrated how do I keep my kids from running off in two different directions when I'm in public stage. At one point Ethan did run off from the train table but Korri was able to watch Preston while I did the mile dash to get Ethan. I was freaked out for a second because I lost visual of Ethan for a moment but there was only one way the isle went and as soon as I turned the corner he was there. If I would of had to grab Preston then chase after Ethan he would have gotten farther away before I started my chase and he could have actually gotten away. Then again he wouldn't have been the first lost child in a store. Just that second really freaked me out.

Once we got back home the boys we straight to bed. Korri and I had a nice visit. Then she had to go and finish some homework before she went to work. After the boys woke up from their naps we did all of the lessons for the day. Then it was off to ice skating for Ethan. I don't know what happened but by the time we got there and got Ethan changed and his skates on the class had already started. He took the first fiftenn minutes of the thirty minute class getting used to the skates. The first half o the class he had to use the buckets and wouldn't hardly do anything. At the end of the class he was actually moving on the ice by himself. They sing some bubble gum song at the end of class and he was standing and doing most of the actions by himself for a little bit. Then once class was over he was walking around on the skates like there wasn't anything to it. He even started jumping in the skates. I guess I know that I need to be there and have his skates on for at least fifteen minutes before the class begins.

There was a book that I wanted at the book store that I didn't buy this morning.So we headed over and got a little side tracked on the way. We stopped at the Lego store and my sister told me to puck something up for Ethan while we were there. (She called to wish him a happy birthday while we were in the store) Then we headed over to the book store and they played with the trains again. Which just reinforced Josh's opinion that we need to get the boys a train table for Christmas. The we headed home. All in all it was a good day. I'm tired buy still have some major cleaning to do before the party on Sunday.

Random thoughts: I know a double stroller would really make my life a million times easier when I do try to venture out on my own. Just they are so big and harder to maneuver then a regular stroller. I really don't want to spend the money on another stroller. I really need to check out some resale/ consignment shops for one. I guess we are just going to have four strollers in the back of the van. Right now we always have two. One is a big travel system stroller and one is an umbrella stroller. The boys fight to be in the big stroller because it is more comfortable. We do have a second big stroller but it is still in storage and once we make a storage run it is going to live in the van too. There have been times that I do put both boys into the big stroller if it is just me. For the most part they do well but if it is going to be longer then just a few minutes that is when fighting starts. If I had a double stroller then I could go shopping and other events without relying on another adult to be there. Then the question becomes would I really adventure out on my own if I did have a double stroller? Maybe. I am doing better about being prepared with snacks and toys, but I haven't figured out where my wall is or the boys wall. You know that point where you are just done that is the wall that I'm referring to. I guess that is what I really need to figure out before I plan some grand adventure with the boys by myself. I also need to get the boys on the same nap schedule. That really cuts into a big hunk of the day. I shouldn't try to plan anything from 10:00am to 3:00. That gives me two hours in the morning which is pretty much spend on breakfast and getting everyone ready for the day. Then I have two and half hours in the afternoon. Yes there is a brief moment in the middle but that is normally taken up with lunch time. We are at some point move the boys into their own rooms so that will help on putting them down at the same time. Right now if we try to put them to sleep at the same time forget about. They keep each other awake by playing. Another random thought is I really believed that I would have more time to do thing around the house then when I was working. When I would stay home with a sick kid of course the child would want to sleep or just lay around and I was able to get things done. Generally I would only have one child because they hardly got sick at the same time it was normally on a 48 hour delay. Have to take off work for a day or two get back to work just about get caught back up then the other one would get sick so then I would have to take off again. With the boys nap schedule I get about an hour in the morning that I can get some light things done unless Ethan's head is about to explode because I'm not doing play-doh with him or I have a lesson that I can't modify for Preston. There are the rare opportunities that he just isn't interested in anything but watching TV. I am an imperfect parent that sometimes will allow him to watch Dora or Diego so that I can get some housework done. Then  I have an hour in the afternoon when both boys are asleep then I can get the floors cleaned and that sort of stuff done, sometimes I will work on my posting during that time.

Dove hunter update: I guess they went back to work or are hunting another area of town because I don't feel like I'm in a war zone today.