Story Time is BACK!!!

Lesson learned: When you are caring a child holding a blanket. Make sure that I'm holding high enough that when Preston drops it that it still won't drag.

I'm so excited story time is back at the library. It wasn't nearly as crazy as the first story time that I went to. I didn't feel like the boys and I were going to get trampled. The library has made two minor changes that I think are going to be great. They have someone handing out tickets before the library opens. They also moved the story time back 15 minutes. So now there isn't the mad dash to get the ticket then get into the story room to get a good seat. Then again there wasn't as many people there this time. There was defiantly more then the number of kids at the book store's story time. After story time Ethan and Korri were playing on the computer and one of the librarians thought Ethan was so adorable that they took his picture and had me sign a release to use his image. Preston just wanted to play with the board books and I meet another mom with a kid Preston's age. I do have to say that all of the moms that I have met around here have been really nice, I was worried about them being stuck up but they aren't or at least the ones I've spoken with.

Ethan didn't feel like taking a nap today. So he didn't actually fall asleep till after Preston woke up. His was shorter than normal. So he was a bit crappy on the way to skating today. He did really great once we got there but apparently I made him walk around to much before class because towards the end of class he was just done and didn't want to skate anymore.