Swimming day

Lesson learned: Wipe Out on ABC is not a show that my boys need to watch.

During the day we did our lessons. During nap time I was able to put together one of the toys Ethan got. Then we went to swimming class. The class that Preston and I take had grown this week. Normally it is just two babies in the class today there was five. To add to the confusion our normal teacher was out this week. So Preston wasn't so sure about what was going on so he didn't really participate until the class was about half over. I did like the temp teacher a lot better then our normal lady but I didn't like the extra people. Ethan did great in his class.

There is a baby resale shop next to the swim school so I ran in to see if they had a double stroller and how their prices were. this store had some of the used items priced higher then what you can buy the stuff for new. Needless to say I didn't buy anything. The wind was starting to really kick up. It was raining when we got home. Thank goodness Josh cleaned the garage out the night before so there was room for the van. Josh was over the kids shows that are on in the evening and I wanted to be on a network channel in case the weather got worst. Josh picked out Wipeout. He figured it would be a safe show for the kids to see. Man were we wrong. After Ethan got down from eating he started running around the living room then jumping on and off the couch then declaring that he fell into the water and it looked like that one hurt. *sigh* So I put together an course using pillows.

Ethan has been difficult to but to bed lately but tonight he only fussed for a few minutes. Then we went to go to bed and found it occupied. But we were able to move him without much fuss.