Time to Party Like a Three year old!!

Lesson learned: Post the gifts that I have purchased to reduce the number of duplicate gifts.
Sorry about not posting on Saturday but all we did was clean and go shopping for the party. I couldn't figure out how to make that interesting.

Sunday morning we actually ended up sleeping in late. We don't have alarms set for the weekend and normally the kids wake us up before the alarms go off anyways. We went into super getting ready mode. I had a list and we just went down it. Ethan was super excited that we were having his party today so he was being a super excited three year old. My goal was to have the food ready and us all eating at 4:00 but apparently I missed judged some of the timing and we were able to eat by 4:30. Which turned out to be a good thing because we had someone get lost on their way and they arrived the same time the food was ready. Josh and I used to have parties or gathering at least once a month but that hasn't happened in a while so we were really out of practice. I guess we are going to have to do more entertaining again. I think I scared everyone one because I had some store bought hamburger patties and then I had some of my Stacey special recipe patties. I guess I didn't scare the guest to much because only one of the store bought ones were eaten and only one was left of mine. I guess I should take a moment to thank everyone who came with such short notice. My parents, my grandmother, Korri, Mark, Jen, Patti, Sam, Mike, and Josh's dad. I didn't have time to blow up the balloons and hang the decorations before people started arriving. So I asked the party guest if they would mind help with the balloons while I finished the food. It looked like they were having a great time using the helium tank and it kept them entertained while I was rushing around. After we ate it was present time. Ethan enjoyed all the gifts. There was only one duplicate gift but Ethan didn't care he wanted both of them opened. So we had to hide the second one. Then it was on to cake and ice cream. This is when I freaked Korri out because I made my own ice cream. Then again we met when there was eight of us in a four bedroom two and half bath apartment. So dishes left in the sink were always a point of contention in the apartment. I was the only one who had brought cups but I had put them in the cabinets for everyone to use. So when arguments about the dirty dishes in the sink would arise I would be blamed because they were my cups but I didn't dirty them. So for nine months I went out of my way to make sure that I didn't use any dishes in the kitchen.  So if it couldn't be made on a paper plate or in a paper towel, I didn't make it. I do want to thank Mark and Jen again for the amazing ice maker they got us. It makes the softest, creamiest ice cream ever. The time we ventured to double chocolate ice cream, man it is rich but oh so good.

Then we were all just sitting, talking, and playing with boys and the new toys. At one point the conversation turned to thepeopleofwalmart.com. So a laptop got pulled out and the part went to a whole new direction. So to change the topic Josh wanted me to show Patti some videos that I had discovered this week by Anita Renfroe. Then we went to Autotune the news. I was laughing so hard I was crying . Before we knew it, it was after nine o'clock and several people had over an hour drive home.

Diego's rescue pack from Mark and Jen
Preston checking out Ethan's new toy.