Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little over kill.

If today is any indication Ethan is going to be a soccer super star!

Josh is training for his marathon and his group does the long runs on Saturday morning. The distances are getting long enough that he isn't getting back before Preston has to leave for his soccer class. I'm on my own with both boys during soccer again. Today Ethan wanted to participate in Preston's class.

When we went to leave Ethan said he felt like he was about to get sick and wanted water. We all headed back in for some water.

The owner of the facility stopped me and asked if Ethan would be interested in trying the open house class. Ethan perked right up and wanted to play. After just doing drills for 45 minutes and feeling nauseous I wasn't really sure how he would do. I was shocked that he did so well. He did sit out a couple of games and during the scrimmage he didn't really start participating till the end of the game. Ethan had a blast and I really think it is the next class that he needs. I love soccer tots and I will keep Preston either doing it or its sister class lil sluggers. Side bonus the new class is so much cheaper.

After a quick lunch and dropping Preston off at home it was back to soccer for Ethan for his soccer tots class. Once again he did fairly well for it being his third soccer class in four hours.

I don't know how he stayed awake on the way home because I was exhausted after that marathon of classes.

Getting ready for class number 2

Here is class number 3

After nap time we headed to Ikea. The greatest place on Earth!

Mommy I love my new flash light!
After a couple of minutes of putting the boys into bed there was no noise coming from the boys room. I don't know about other kids but when my kids are quite that normally means trouble.  I was concerned that the boys were plotting taking over the universe. When I checked on them Preston was completely out and Ethan was having very long blinks. I guess the universe is safe for another night.