Tuesday swimming!

Lesson learned: I don't do well on not very much sleep.

 I was dragging this morning so I skipped circle time and just did the lessons. The way to get Ethan down for nap time that I thought I had figured out yesterday didn't work today. So I had to analyze what I did different. Yesterday I had let Ethan be in his room by himself for about 30 minutes while Preston and I picked up the play room. Then we went in and acted like we were all going to have nap time.

There was a new boy in Ethan's swim class today. So his class is now full. All the new parents in Preston's class last week were there again today. Josh went in the water with Preston this week. It was nice to actually get to watch the boys in their classes. Ethan did great they are working on rolling over and have them float on his back. Preston did well too. Preston is up to five seconds underwater.