Weekend Craziness!

Lesson Learned: One mile fun + carrying a three year old = shin splints.

So Saturday morning started off early!! We were out the door before 7:00am. We had to be at Oktoberfest in Addison before 8:00 when the fun run started. We have been taking Ethan on a path near our house to "train" for the run and we used a ball to keep him interested  in  running. I decided that there would be to many people around and they would be irritated with a kid kicking a ball during the run. So we left the ball at home and man was I wrong. It would have been fine and Ethan might would have at least walked the mile. Josh did the 5K and finished in 30 minutes. Any race that gives free pretzels and beer after the race can't be all that bad. It was a lot of fun. Korri went with us to watch Preston while we were all running.

Then we headed home for a much needed nap time. Then we headed to the Fieldhouse for a kids event but we left as soon as we got there because they had a band that was playing so loud that we all got head aches immediately. Then we waited for my parents to come over and then we headed out to the Plano Balloon Festival. It was so much fun. Ethan however freaked out about the crowd and would rather stay on the hill where there weren't as many people. I don't have a lot of pictures because my battery died.

Then on Sunday we went over to my parent's house.

I guess I should mention that on Friday night we went to a play ground and Ethan fell down some metal stairs that lead to the slide. Then on Sunday he was trying to get away from me when I was changing him out of his bathing suit and has a nasty scratch on this bum. Then my parents were playing with him and he was running and tripped over a chair leg and hit his head on the kitchen floor. So he is a little banged up in the pictures. He is okay just has a few scratches on his face and leg.