What is going on?

Lesson learned: Mommy needs that hour when the boys are both asleep. Even thought I'm busy trying to get as much house work that I can get done. It is nice to have the break from the boys.

Today in a nutshell was story time, failed attempt to see old coworkers, and ice skating.

There weren't a ton of people at story time this week again which was fine with me. Korri stayed with Ethan and played on the computer while Preston and I looked at books. I saw something about story time in a box so I asked the librarian about it. They have several themed boxes that include five books, a CD, a toy, and a hand puppet thing. So basically you can recreate story time in your home all week. I choose a theme that correlates with next weeks lessons. I'm pretty excited to see how this is going to work.

Then we headed out to Bedford. I guess I got there while everyone was at lunch so I ended up not seeing anyone. Oh well maybe next time.

Then when the boys got home Ethan was awake and didn't want to finish his nap. So I didn't have my downtime to get stuff done around the house and apparently that made me very cranky. Which seemed to make the boys cranky. Then again Ethan was tired so he was cranky too. Getting him ready for skating was not fun. He was being a little pain and when he first got to class he just sat on the ice and refused to do anything. Then I guess they are doing a mini session right now. So there were six more kids in his class. Once they all got on the ice he started participating. I was upset with him because he can skate on his own but since he was in such a mood they left him in the class with the kids that this was their first time on the ice. So he was back on the buckets. Then at one point in the class his teacher took his buckets and slid them across so that he had to actually skate on his own. I think the other parents were afraid that that she was going to do the same to their kids but she didn't. I do have to brag that this was the first class that he hadn't had an accident in. He actually told his teacher that he needed to go and held it till I was able to get him to the bathroom. Then we got home and he had an accident. *sigh* We normally put Preston to bed before we lay Ethan down. Since he had an accident  and didn't have his full nap we had Ethan go to bed first.