Where did the week go?

So sorry that I haven't been posting daily. Things have been CRAZY!! Josh is doing the bug fixes on his side project so hopefully that will be wrapped up soon and I'll have more computer time.

Quick highlights of the week
Tuesday: My mom came over and we went shopping, anyone who knows my mom is completely shocked, my mom is the queen of the shop-a-lics. Actually the shocking part was we went shopping for office supplies. Staples had a really great sale and I had coupons too. They had 200 count construction paper for TWO DOLLARS and no limit! So I stocked up! Tuesdays are our new swimming day. Josh got out of work late so I took Preston in the water. Preston did amazing, he was a happy boy and was doing everything the teacher wanted him to do. I couldn't keep an eye on Ethan but Josh told me that he did well too. We told Ethan that if he could go 24 hours without an accident that we would take him to Chuck E. Cheese. He had three accidents right before bed.

Wednesday: The boys have given up on sleeping! Dove hunting season began. Until this day I had no idea about dove hunting but apparently it is very popular in Frisco so now it sounds like I live in the middle of a war zone. Call me paranoid but with all the gun fire going off around me, I'm concerned about stray bullets so that means no outside time for the boys.  According to city ordinances you are allowed to hunt 600 feet away from residential dwellings. A bullet can travel how far?????!!!! I've just never lived anywhere before that I had to deal with gunfire before. So I'm a little freaked out by the whole thing. We also started the new curriculum. I'm really impressed so far but I'm not willing to buy a whole year's worth yet. I did realize I'm short two days of lesson plans for the number of weekdays this month. Then it hit me we have a holiday next Monday and there should be a field trip day. I can see why some of the reviews of the curriculum online said that you can make it through the lesson plan in about 30 minutes with one child. The discussions don't last as long when there is only one child. As long as there is an actual transition between the lessons and you don't just run through them it can fill up the entire day. I also go a community calendar in the mail today and it says the library is having story time this week! Potty training update: Ethan didn't have any accidents. At one point he jumped up and said that he wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese then ran to the restroom and did his business.

Thursday: Kori didn't come over today. She had a friend come home for Australia yesterday so she wanted to see her other friend. I completely understand. I was like can I go and hear about what she did in Australia? When I was there I only was in the state of Victoria and mainly in the city of Melbourne. Man I really want to go to Sydney. Anyways back to my life.. Ice skating. Nana and Papa came and watched Ethan's lesson. Words can not describe how much better Ethan did this week. He left last weeks lesson not letting go of the buckets and he started off holding his teacher's hands. I'm amazed at the amount of progress he made during the lesson too. He still isn't very stable on his own yet but he is at least marching and moving if someone is just holding his hand. Ethan also went over 24 hours without an accident so Nana, Papa, Josh, Preston and I took Ethan to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate. A great time was had by all. Once we got home Ethan was so pumped up we couldn't get him to fall asleep till after eleven. Then Preston woke up at 3:00. Then Ethan woke up. Then Josh's phone alarm went off at 5:30 and the phone was locked up and we couldn't get the alarm turned off. Did I mention the boys have decided not to sleep anymore? Dove hunting update: I could tell when the rain would stop and start because that was when the popping noises would start and stop. Seriously I think there are three guys just hanging out in their trucks so the second the rain let up they would start shooting again.

 We actually didn't get up till 8:00 this morning. Josh went running out the door. Then it hit me that Kori was going to becoming over today and if we were going to make it for story time we needed to leave by 9:15. Okay we can leave later but I do like being the first in line so I don't have to stress if we are going to get a ticket or not for story time. So I started running around like a crazy person trying to get the boys ready to go. I couldn't actually get a hold of Kori so I tried again she finally answered. Sorry about waking her up. We agreed to meet up later. We didn't actually make it on the road till it was time for story time to start. Oops. I just had a feeling that the literature from the library was going to be a little more accurate then the calendar that I received. There are some recommended books that correlate with this months theme so I was going to check them out anyways. I was putting Preston in the stroller when Ethan started saying that he need to go to the potty!!  Yikes!  I had no clue where the nearest restroom was. So I rushed us in found a restroom and got Ethan on the toilet without incident. Then we went to the kids section and anytime Ethan gets in a room full of books his little head explodes with excitement. So he was running around and not listening. Then finally I was able to get him to sit down with a book and I read one page before he was up again. So I put him in the stroller with Preston and was just going to get the books off my list. Where is my list??? It got left in the van during the great bathroom rush. So I told Ethan that he had to start listening or we were going to leave once we got to the van. Well we ended up coming back home. Amazingly we were gone for an hour. I don't know where the hour went because it felt like we were there for only a minute. Preston went down for his nap and Ethan chilled for a little bit. Once Preston woke up we started circle time.

Potty training update: Ethan did have one accident today not because he didn't tell me that he needed to go but he refused to pull down his pants. Why in the world did I think that this would have only taken a week? I guess I didn't realize how stubborn/ lazy Ethan really is. Preston is wanting to use the potty now. So hopefully the second time around is going to be a lot smoother.

Dove hunting update: The hunters have moved a little farther from the house but not by much. So the popping noise doesn't sound like it is right outside our front door.