Another day!

I'm so tried of the roller coaster of my dad's recovery. Last night was another bad night. He didn't sleep and his blood pressure dropped into the 50's. So the doctors are still trying to figure out the correct dosage he needs.

Preston is cutting a molar so we have been having teething fun. So today the diarrhea that is caused from the teething was in full glory. This morning I was keeping up with the diapers so his bum didn't get diaper rash. Poor Preston had the runs during his nap time and so now his bum looks like a baboons. Not to mention that we ran out of Tylenol. Then Ethan was getting jealous of the attention that Preston was getting. So he started crying and would physically get between Preston and myself. My nerves were shot by the time Josh got home. Thank goodness he is a saint and took the boys so that I could leave to pick my mom up and take her back to the hospital.

After all of the drama of last night, the doctors decided not to give my dad any blood pressure medications tonight. My dad was drifting in and out, so I was about to head out when the nurse came in and informed us that my dad was going down for a chest x-ray. So I stuck around to make sure there wasn't anything serious in the x-ray. My dad was sleeping great when I left for the night so hopefully my mom can finally get some sleep because she has been running on empty for a few days now.