Another Monday.

Over the weekend my parents asked me to stick around. So Ethan was off to preschool again. Patti brought lunch over for us. It was super yummy soup. Then before I knew it was time to pick Ethan up.

Josh came over after work to try to go back to the pumpkin patch again. Instead a former worker came over and brought my dad dinner. We ended up not finishing dinner before the pumpkin patch closed. The evening wasn't a complete loss. Josh was able to get a battery for my car. At one point my mom came out of her bathroom and asked if Ethan had used it because there was a puddle on the floor. It turns out that the toilet was backing up. A little later Ethan was playing and started to have an accident so Josh rushed him to the nearest bathroom which was the toilet that was backing up. Ethan decided to flush it twice so there was a lovely mess to clean up.

Later in the evening my mom was running the dish washer and the wash machine. Then my mom went to use the restroom and found out that all of the drains were backing up. Which led to a huge mess to clean up. My dad then told me that since they didn't have any working restrooms that Josh and I should take the boys home. He said the former employee was coming back to work for my parents. So they were going to have an extra pair of hands around. Not to mention that my dad has a doctor appointment that my mom was going to take him to so that I could take the boys to swimming.