Back to "normal"

Okay I really don't know what normal is but I guess we are back to the closest thing that my family knows is normal.

This morning I kept the boys busy with story time, an art project, and outside time. Ethan is so funny because he doesn't like his hands to be icky. So instead of putting his fingers in the finger paint and painting he put the paper in the paint. I guess that is one way to do it. This month's theme is bugs and crawly things. So when we were out side I pointed out the HUGE ant hill that has popped up in the last few weeks. Then I realized this is the first time in three weeks that I've taken the boys in the back yard. Granted the various babysitters we have had took the boys out but I haven't.

In case I haven't mentioned it before, Josh and I have used the TV as a reward or punishment for Ethan using the toilet. There have been times I've tried to keep the TV off and Ethan will have and accident so that then a few minutes later he can use the toilet and get the TV back. So I have been bad and have the TV on whenever he hasn't have accidents. This morning Ethan had an accident so he couldn't watch it while we had breakfast or started the lessons. When we were doing the art project he did successfully use the toilet but he was having such a great time that he didn't care the TV was off. I was able to keep him busy till 11:00 till he started saying he was tired so he then asked for the TV. I was okay with at this point because it allowed me to get lunch ready.

Preston ate then was putting head on the table. So I took him up to bed and he went right out. Ethan finished and I let him lay on the couch and finish the current show that is on. Then we headed up stairs for Ethan's nap. He was over tired and was fighting going to sleep. Once I thought he was a sleep I jumped in the shower. Then I start hearing a beeping sound. I jumped out of the shower to find Ethan playing with my alarm clock and for him to inform me that he wet the bed because he was to upset and didn't want to go to sleep. So I rushed him into the restroom. Then went to get him new underwear and shorts. Then I heard the door shut. So I rushed back to discover Ethan locked the door. I should take a moment to mention the lock is behind the door nob. So he didn't just accidentally lock himself in the bathroom. So I grabbed the screw driver that we have on top of the door frame and tried to open the door. *FAIL*  I called Josh to see what I was doing wrong. I followed his directions and it still wouldn't open. Finally Josh came home and was able to open the door.  I was completely freaked out by the whole thing.

Preston woke up during this whole thing. Once again I didn't get to do the heavy cleaning that I had planned during nap time.

I woke Ethan up after he had been asleep for a little over an hour. He was a serious crappy butt. He finally calmed down and I was able to finish the day's lessons. I had the boys fed before Josh got home. So we gave them the baths and got them ready for bed. However we didn't put the boys to bed we loaded them up in their pjs and went to the library for story time. Yes I know this isn't our normal time or day for story time but I'm hoping to have a different adventure with Korri and the boys tomorrow. It is Halloween related so I'm nervous that this isn't going to work out too.