I finally got my hands on a computer!!

Wow so much has happened since my last post.

We went did a road trip to Las Vegas. We left after Ethan's ice skating lesson. Josh and I took turns driving all night and into the next day. Ethan only had a couple of potty accidents along the way. It was the first time that I've ever seen Albuquerque, NM and I think I'm in love. I had never had a desire to go there but it is beautiful and I want to go back and spend some time there. It was also the first time for me to see parts of the Grand Canyon. It was also the first time for me to see Hover Dam. It was great to spend time with Josh's mom and Grandfather. We didn't really do a lot of tourist stuff while we were in Vegas.

We came home on Monday evening. Tuesday was swimming and trying to do laundry. Wednesday, my parents and the boys and I went to the State Fair. Poor Ethan was still tried from the world wind trip that we had just taken so he didn't want to get in the car to go anywhere. We were able to get him in the van and arrived at the fair around noon. We had great healthy fair food like cotton candy, nachos, funnel cakes, and fried cheese. We saw some of the shows and did some shopping. Then we got to the kid rides. Last year we took Ethan to an amusement park and he loved all of the kid rides so I wasn't concerned about him going on things. So he saw some race cars and that was what he wanted to go on. I figured okay they just go in a circle no big deal. *sigh* The cars were connected at the front of the car, when they made the turn it flung Ethan around the corner. Ethan was so upset after the ride that he wouldn't even look at the other kid rides. My dad finally took him to the merry-go-round and they sat on a bench but Ethan still wasn't a happy camper. At this point it was almost 8:00. I had purchased a floor steamer earlier in the day and they would hold it till 8:30. So my dad ran ahead of us to make sure that it was picked up before they left. Once we arrived at the booth my dad was nowhere to be found. Eventually he came back and had gotten a soda. We piddled around for a little longer then headed home.

Josh and I are still in one vehicle because we haven't been home long enough to go to an auto parts store to order a new  battery for my car. So the kids and I took Josh to work and on the way home had a flat tire a couple of blocks away from our house. I called my dad to find out where the jack had to be lined up because I just wasn't seeing where to put it. He wanted to come out and help but it isn't like I haven't had to change a tire or two before. I did struggle with the lung nuts but there was a kind person who stopped and helped me get them off. Then I called my parents back to figure out how to drop the spare tire because I wasn't seeing the release. That is when I found out that my dad was having a heart attack and was being transported to the hospital. Needless to say I wasn't able to finish changing the tire. Josh had to get a ride from a coworker and finish the job. This was on Thursday so Korri was at the house when we finally got there. She was a life saver and watched the kids so that I could go to the hospital. That was on October 7th and the next week was just a blur of running up to the hospital and doctors. My Aunts and my sister all came to town. My dad was finally moved out of Critical Care Unit to a normal hospital room on 13. We still don't know when he is going to be released from the hospital hopefully in the next couple of days.

The boys have been troopers through all of this. The first couple of days Ethan stopped using the restroom and Preston would just cling to me when he would see me. One of my Aunts is a teacher and she gave me a ton of resources for Gifted and Talented kids. She has no doubt that the boys will be in gifted programs when they start school. That was nice to hear. I know everyone thinks that their child is so intelligent but to have some one who works with kids tell you is just some nice reassurance.

Needless to say the boys haven't been having their daily lessons. So this week I'm going to be trying to get caught back up with the curriculum and get their routine back to as normal as possible. I have found a place that will watch Ethan during the day so that I can help my mom once my dad returns home. There are a lot of things on the boy's schedule but I don't know how much of it we will actually get to do.

Please keep my dad in your prayers. It looks like he is going to have a long recovery.