On the road to "normal"?

Being only a few minutes away from the preschool I still managed to drop Ethan off 15 minutes late. Then again I stayed up with my dad last night so I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. Ethan's teacher was sick again today. *sigh* I really hope it wasn't anything serious. Was able to help get my parents house put back to a somewhat normal state. Finally got completely unpacked from the hospital. I don't know where the day has been going because I blinked and it was time to pick Ethan up. He really is enjoying the preschool maybe it will be worth looking into a mothers day out program or a twice a week preschool for him once things settle down.

Today was the last day of his ice skating lessons. He hasn't seemed to be enjoying them since he is no longer the only kid so we have decided, before all of the craziness with my dad, that the next eight weeks are going to be crazy with the holidays coming up. We will decide in January if he is going to take more lessons. He really wanted Nana to come and watch him but she didn't want to leave my dad by himself for that long. Ethan's lessons was the best one he has ever had. Normally you get him to really try and pay attention for about 15 minutes of the class, however this time he was doing his best the entire time. I felt sad for one of the older kids in the class (I think he was at least 6 if not older) he had a potty accident and his parents were no where around.

It was nice to be home for a brief moment then we headed back to my parent's house.