Weekend update

Lots of Halloween fun.

We started off the weekend by going over to my parents house then straight to the pumpkin patch. The boys helped up pick out our pumpkin.
Man these are really picked over.
Found it!
Then the pumpkin patch had story time but the boys really weren't interested in it . What the boys wanted to do was play in the hay maze.
Watch out for the computer bugs!!
I guess we will stop for a photo.
Then we hung out at my parents home till 4:00. Then we headed to the town square for some trick-or-treating. Several of the stores were handing out candy. The bakery ran out of candy so they started giving out little chocolate covered cakes. Yummy. That is something that I took out of Ethan's basket!! The square also had cookies to decorate, free ice cream, face painting, and hay rides. The boys had a blast.

Then we went back to my parents and hung out for a while. Headed home to get ready for Halloween.

Sunday started off by me waking up to Preston stealing the keys out of my purse and running into the bathroom. In my daze I thought it was Monday, so I jumped out of bed after I looked at the clock. Then I realized that it was Sunday. That is okay. we got a lot of errands done that we didn't take care of yesterday.  This the first Halloween that we actually carved a pumpkin. So it was very entertaining because neither one of us had actually done it before. It was also the first time for me to roast pumpkin seeds. I think everything turned out okay. At 5:00 my parents came over. I finally got to use the steamer that I got at the State Fair. Yes the one that my dad ran ahead to get and started having chest pains that his misunderstood the day before his heart attack. I have to say that it did an amazing job on the floors. I don't know what the previous owners were using to clean the hardwoods but it left a build up and anything that I used just would streak them. The steamer is the first time that I've cleaned my floors and they looked great. I am loving the steamer.
Anyways we started to get the boys ready to go trick-or-treating, Ethan started saying he was hungry. So I didn't have anything that would have prepared enough for everyone. So I sent Josh out of pizza and cooked fish for my dad. My dad had a new dish that he loved and my mom can easily cook for him.

Our first carved pumpkin.
Ethan and Preston really got into trick-or-treating. They started off by going to just a couple of houses then they turned around and came home because they didn't want to do all of the walking. So we loaded them up in the strollers and headed out. My dad stayed behind and handed out candy for us. The first couple of houses the boys weren't really sure about what was going on. Then they would jump out of the strollers and run to the doors. Towards the end Ethan was done saying trick-or-treat but would instead say boo trying to scare the person giving the candy.

We go home and Ethan sat down and was sorting out his candy.