What am I doing?

So this morning started at 5:30am. I had to get myself ready to possibly go to one of my parent’s customer sites. Then I had to get Ethan ready to start a preschool that is associated with my parent’s church. School starts promptly at 8:00am and is about an hour away. Traffic was heavier then what I was expecting. Ethan was about 15 minutes late and the teacher had already started the morning lessons. So I didn’t really have a chance to speak with her about Ethan’s little quirks. For example, after he uses the restroom he doesn’t want to dress himself. He will tell you that he doesn’t know how. All you have to say back is I don’t remember either can you show me how you get dressed. That he needs to be reminded to use the toilet every hour and 15 minutes. Why? I don’t know. If you try to get him to go on the hour nothing will happen, but fifteen minutes later he will open the flood gates. Then again when Ethan is in public it is like he is a different child. So I was hoping that he wouldn’t have any accidents but I took extra clothing just in case.

Preston and I headed on to my parent’s home. They apparently had a rough night so they were moving slowly this morning. That is okay I hadn’t had any caffeine yet so I wasn’t moving very fast. Eventually everyone got showered and dressed and the day took off. I got to work helping my parents out just around the house and not so much with their business today. At lunch, I got my dad’s food ready, then Preston’s, and them my mom and I were going to have the same thing so I prepared our food as well. Made sure all the drinks were filled. I just reminded of when I waited tables and I was exhausted after lunch. How did I do double shift all weekend when I was in school and in heels? Then again it was just serving the food and not preparing and serving. That does make a huge difference.
Then it was running errands with my mom. We went grocery shopping for my dad, introduced my mom to several things that she had never seen before. Like the salad spritzers. I was shocked that there is a whole lot less sodium in regular mayo compared to the light. Then again since they are removing the fat they add extra salt for flavor.

We finished up a couple minutes before 3:00 which was a bad thing because my mom had a hair appointment at 2:45 and I was supposed to be across town picking up Ethan at 3:00. So I dropped my mom off and was heading to the preschool. I was stuck at the light when I heard a knocking on the window, I felt like I jumped out of my skin. It turns out that my mom’s hair appointment is actually tomorrow so she chased me down. We got to the preschool just as they were heading over to the after school program that would have been an extra 15 dollars. Turns out that Ethan’s teacher went home sick so I still didn’t have a chance to talk to her about Ethan. Now I’m concerned about what germs he was exposed to because my dad doesn’t need to get any little kids bugs on top of everything else.

Patti and Sam stopped by and Ethan was throwing balls. Patti and Ethan were playing then next thing I know I just happened to walk in the room as Ethan throws a ball to Patti she reaches over to get it and then Ethan throws another ball and hits her right in the eye.

I hadn’t planned on spending the night but my mom was really nervous about the medicine and needed sleep. Josh was kind enough to bring us a bag of essentials so that the boys and I could stay the night. My mom finally got a good night rest!