Another week is over..

The morning started off very lovely. The boys were in great moods. Preston loves sitting on the toilet. Now if he will just let me know when he really needs to go but I figure right now he is interested so I'm going to let him try to use it but I'm not going to be getting rid of the diapers anytime soon. The boys where very eager about today's lessons where they learned about pigs. The morning just flew by. Nap time was strangely easy, both boys were a sleep by 12:45.

So I had some extra time on my hands I prepared dinner and cranked up the crock pot while the boys were sleeping. I have to say how much I love crock pot liners! Seriously clean up from dinner took ten minutes. Sorry I got a little ahead of myself. Ethan woke up and had an accident in his bed. So after I brought the kids down I had to put everything in the wash machine when I came out the room was eerily quite. Which put me into an almost panic because when my boys are quite that means they are getting into something that they shouldn't be.
Why are you freaking mom we are just chilling.
We spent most of the afternoon playing with balls outside. 


Dinner was ready when Josh walked in the door. Like I said clean up only took a few minutes so we had the whole evening to play with the kids. Preston went down a little early because he was starting to be super cranky. Ethan and Josh curled up on the couch and watched a movie. I didn't get any pictures of them being super cute because someone would move. Ethan was a sleep for the night by 9:30. So that gave Josh and I time to chill.
Overall, today was the least stressful day that I've had being home. I don't know if the boys are giving me a false sense of accomplishment or if I'm actually getting comfortable being home. Then again I'm reading a book that I think is helping too called Child Sense by Priscilla J. Dunstan.
It looks like tomorrow the boys are going to have a play date.