Barn day!

I've decided that we need more adventures every week. So I figured that I would try to do story time at the library on Tuesdays by myself. Today was my first attempt and it went great. We got there a little later then I would have liked so we had to park pretty far away from the door but other than that everything went really smoothly.
After story time I did a couple of the lessons then we had lunch. The boys were in such a great mood today. Then it was nap time.

We finished up the daily lessons then it was time for swimming.

Toys R Us had a coupon for inflatable bouncers for 25% off for today only and it had to be purchased in store. There is one that I've been eying that was already marked $50 off. So we decided to go ahead and get it for the boys. We ended up paying 187.00 + tax for the Little Tikes Jr. Sports N Slide Bouncer. I'm really excited about what a great price we were able to get it for. So far that has been my big Christmas bargain. I've been really disappointed with the sales so far because this time for the last two years toys had been on sale since September for really great price that were cheaper then Black Friday deals. I just haven't seen them so far this year. Then again there were a few weeks last month that I wasn't really watching the ads. Then again I haven't been watch Wal-Mart's or Sears weekend ads but they have been advertising Black Friday deals before Black Friday. I really don't remember how I kept up with all of this while I was working.