Field trip day!

This morning I was woken up to Ethan telling me that he had an accident in his bed. He had already gotten a new pair of underwear,also Ethan put his dirty underwear and bottoms in the bathroom. *sigh* Then Korri called saying that she had some errands this morning and wasn't going to be over till after ten. Which was fine because Sci-Tech Discovery Center doesn't open till ten. So I took the extra time to do today's lesson which was about planting seeds. Preston

Korri still wasn't over by eleven and the kids were starting to get hungry so I had given up on going to the Sci-Tech today. Korri came over at 11:30 so we finished lunch and put the boys down for their naps. It was great to have time just to chat with Korri.

Korri headed out when the boys woke up from their naps. This after noon Preston figured out how to get out of his clothing. So he was a naked boy till I was able to get his clothing back on.