Hanging in the car today.

We are still in one vehicle right now. Today we have a lot of running around to do. So we started the morning off by taking Josh to work then we came home did the breakfast thing and some coloring. Then we started doing our lessons for the day.

We then had to load back up in the van to pick up Josh and take him to his swim class. I didn't bring any snacks or enough toys to keep the boys occupied for thirty minutes. So it felt like the longest thirty minutes of my life. Returned Josh to work then got home in time for nap time.

We finished up the lessons. Okay there was one that I was suppose to let the kids glue flour and as I was reading the directions I was just thinking messy. So that got skipped.

Then it was off to swimming, dinner, then we headed to the airport to pick up the newlyweds Mark and Jen.

I can't believe how much traffic there was at the airport at night. I'm glad that I'm not trying to fly anywhere.

Ethan entertained us till he fell asleep by singing the Black Eye Peas song "I've gotta feeling". My parents teach Ethan such great things.