Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hump day!

Man this morning started off rough. Ethan woke us up to let us know that he had an accident. *sigh* Then when Josh told him to put on his underwear Ethan had a complete melt down. Things just went down hill from there. Basically Ethan was tired so I made him sit on the couch not as a punishment but just for him to calm down and regroup. After Ethan calmed down we were able to proceed with today's lesson and worked on making butter. The first container that I tried wasn't air tight so cream started going everywhere. Then I change containers and realized that I hadn't let the cream warm up to room temperature yet. So that had to be put on hold for a little while. We tried it again and it worked. I've never actually made butter before. My arms got tired with the first container because I was having to hold the lid on and shake. Once I changed containers the boys were able to shake too.
This is going to be yummy

What am I doing again?
Finished product
Story time
After we finished the daily lesson I let the boys just play so that I could start working on dinner. While we were eating I started to not feel well so I went to bed super early. Josh was amazing and gave the boys baths and put them down for the night.