Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A "lazy" day?

So this morning I woke up to Josh letting me know that both boys are up and he needs help. I get up and going and all the boys headed down stairs. So I took the opportunity to do some picking up while I had the floor to myself. That is when I a dirty pair of Ethan's underwear that needed washed out. His bed was stripped. So I put on new sheets. Now I knew why Josh needed help. Then Josh starts asking if I'm ever going to come down stairs. I was eventually going to get there but I decided to kick in to high gear. I got down stairs and was greeted by a foul smell that notified me that Preston was in need of a new diaper. An hour later I realized that Josh never came down from upstairs so I went on a rescue mission. Turns out that his stomach was upset and he couldn't get off the toilet. Finally Josh's tummy settled down enough for him to head to work. Whatever had his stomach upset seems to have affected the boys as well. I can't tell you how many time Ethan went to the restroom, had accidents, and Preston needed change this morning. Somehow we were able to stay on track and do the daily lessons.

Today we learned about eggs and chickens. It was cute watching the boys "hatch" out of blankets.

On a normal evening Ethan will fight going to sleep, however today it was Preston that wasn't interested in sleeping. He was laying in bed taking his pajama bottoms on and off. At one point Ethan told me that he was tired and wanted to go to sleep but Preston was being to loud. Hopefully this won't be a new normal.