More potty fun

Ethan had been doing well this morning then he had another accident. I made him help clean up the mess. I feel a little guilty but I told him that he is acting like a baby. That really got his attention because he started crying and saying he is a big boy not a baby. I told him only babies pee in their underwear. I also told him that if he didn't have any more accidents this week that he would go to Chuck E. Cheese.

The next time he had to go potty he went completely by himself, like a child that is 100% potty trained. Then when he was done he asked for his TV back and if he gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I told him that he got the TV back then I showed him a calendar and how many days he had to go without an accident.

And then came nap time. I always make him sit on the toilet before he lays down. Straight from the toilet to bed. He got into bed and was complaining that one of his toys was missing a piece. He left it my room this morning, so I went to retrieve it. By the time I got back he and peed in his bed. Granted it wasn't very much but still need to change the sheet and clothing. I ran him back to the toilet and went to cleaning the mess up. Ethan came back in and I was trying to get him to put his clean underwear on. He started walking out the room, I asked if he needed to go potty again and Ethan shook his he yes. I told him to run to the bathroom luckily Ethan made it because it was number 2. I really believe that his accidents aren't.

Ethan woke up from his nap dry and successfully used the toilet.

Later he was playing with play-doh at the kitchen table and says I'm going to go to Chuck E. Cheese and ran to the bathroom.

He ran to the restroom again but struggled with getting his pants down so he started going. I stepped in and pulled everything down and put him on the toilet. At least he did try.

Then Korri came over so that we could go shopping but before we left Ethan went to the bathroom himself. I was so proud at first but he had gotten under the cabinet and gotten the cleaning supplies and was cleaning the floor. Turns out he got to the bathroom and went on the floor and was cleaning it up. He got really excited when I got the paper towels and he started wiping the floor up.