My thoughts on potty training

Okay now I've done a lot research about potty training. I've read books, checked out different resources online, and have talked to anyone that has gone threw it.
The books have given me some great ideas like at night you double make your child. What that means is have a water proof mattress pad then a fitted sheet then another water proof mattress pad and another fitted sheet. So if you child does have an accident at night you don't have to look for clean sheets and mattress pad. You just pull off the solid sheet and pad. For the most part Ethan doesn't have accidents at night. I'm sorry if you are able to fully potty train your child in a day that means they were ready a long time ago.

Ethan is so stubborn about using the toilet. He know what he needs to do and how to do it. He just doesn't want to. I've talked to parent's of boys and they were all about letting the boys pee outside or on targets in the toilet. Ethan was very disturbed by me even having him try to pee on the tree. He didn't want to go outside for two days after that experience. At first he liked the targets but then he realized that if he used the targets that he couldn't see the TV. That didn't last long.

Another thing that I've noticed is that parents who kids are fully potty trained are very oh it wasn't that big of a deal, parents that are trying to get their kids potty trained for the first time are all about to pull out their hair.

All of the websites that I have found seem to just want to sell you something. I do have to say that the advice I love the most is "just ignore the bad behavior and only reward the good" I have discussed that with other moms who are potty training right now and we agree that is a load of well what should be in the toilet.

What is killing me is the first week that we switched him to big boy underwear we told him if he went two days without any accidents we would take him to Chuck-e-cheese. It took him a few days but with in that first week he went 48 hours without an accident. After we went to play he has had at least one accident every day. So I know he can do it but he just doesn't like the toilet.
I'm also amazed that if Ethan gets into trouble and is sent to time out he has an accident. I can make him go potty then put him in the corner he still has accidents. Or if we are doing something that he doesn't like he will have an accident. I think that is because if we are doing something that he loves, for example if we are at the park, and he has an accident we leave.

I guess I just want to know what will help he understand that he has no option but to use the toilet?