Preston is official starting to potty train!

Okay while I was doing my research for Ethan I realized there are really three different parts to potty training. There is the ability for the child to wash their own hands, the ability for the child to dress and undress themselves, and the ability to use the toilet. Another thing that I noticed about my research was that a lot of website dismiss how pull-ups help in potty training. They do not help the child to recognize they need to go potty but they help the child in the dressing and undressing on their own. They are also a lot easier to change an older child. After we use our supply of diapers for Preston we are going to be switching to pull-ups. We will use pull-ups till Preston has better bladder control.

This morning Preston did tell say poop-poo and was pointing to the bathroom door. So I did let him sit on the toilet. He was dry when I took of his diaper and did pee on the toilet. So hopefully his potty training will be a lot easier because he is seeing his brother go. Preston did crawl, and walk a lot faster the Ethan did. We were actually starting to worry that Ethan was going to walk before he crawled. That thought didn't even cross our mind with Preston. Then again Preston was crawling at 5 months. Another advantage that I have with Preston is that I'm not relying on someone else to help me in the training process. Kids need the consistency and with Ethan the daycare did things one way and we were doing it another. Ethan was just getting confused. Also Ethan was really interested in using the toilet at this point and would got at home successfully but they didn't have the means at the daycare for him to use the toilet at will at the daycare. If he let the teachers know they would have to call for someone to come to the room and take him to the restroom by the time he got to the toilet it was to late. So then Ethan realized that he could just go in his pull up and keep playing. That has been our hurdle with Ethan is getting him to stop playing and go to the restroom. Bed wetting happens but generally he will make it through the night and pee in the morning if we don't realize he is up and make him go to the potty. If we are at a restaurant he is very good about letting us know when he needs to go.

Sorry I went off on a tangent. What we are actually doing with Preston is getting him to start trying to dress and undress himself. As you have seen in earlier post he is great at the undressing part, I'm working on trying to get him to dress himself. We have been having him wash his hands in the sink for a while. He has used the toilet a couple of times with help. So at this point I'm starting to believe that Preston is going to be potty trained before Ethan.