Skipped swimming.

So this morning started off early. My dad had a conference in Frisco today. So my mom rode with him so she could spend the day with the boys and me. We had decided that it would be the perfect day to find a tux for Ethan for the wedding that he is going to be a ring bearer in.
And for my next trick...
Then we had a nice lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings then headed back home. My mom and I tried to put he boys down for a nap. Preston was all about the nap. Ethan wasn't interested in nap time. After the convention my parents headed home. I tried to do the lessons for today but the boys had been strapped in their car seats or strollers for most the day they just wanted to run around. Josh and I decided that it was a good night to stay home. Then I was checking the ads from Sunday and saw that a near by furniture was having a sale. I am looking for a wardrobe or an armoire for the kids playroom to store their toys and crafts. However the store didn't carry either. So picked up dinner and came home. The boys went to bed with minimal fussiness.