So I was up till midnight trying to come up with Christmas list for the boys. When I got up stair Preston woke up. So I went to check on him and Ethan woke up too. So by the time I got them calmed down and actually got into bed it was 2:00am and he boys still woke up at 7:00. *sigh* So I'm drinking coffee and sodas to keep me going.

I still was able to do the lessons this morning. Okay I skipped the one that involved baking because I just didn't have it in me to cook with the boys this morning.

My mom came over and we spent the afternoon shopping. Still haven't found any super great deals but Toys R Us does have their video games on sale for buy one get one 40% off. They did have a few other items on sale too.

Then we ran to several other stores. Dropped the boys off with Josh then headed out for a couple more. I did got to a party place that has their Halloween costumes 75%. I picked up some hats and a couple other parts and pieces of costumes to help build up the boys pretend play chest. The boys won't see the costumes parts till Christmas.

Tomorrow, Korri is coming over and we are going to a different story time.