Starting to rev up for the long weekend.

We all seemed to wake up at 6:30 this morning. Yes I wanted to wake up early but that was too early. Dropped Josh off at work. Then came home and got things ready for the upcoming crazy weekend.

I let the boys play and watch Curious George till it was time for Ethan's art class. We arrived just a couple of minutes after 10:00. I thought the class was for pre-school aged kids but apparently it was just a mom and me art class. So next time Preston can do a project too. Ethan's girl friend was their too. It was great seeing her and her mother. After the class we all decided to have lunch together. The kids seem to have a lot of energy so we decided to head to Willow Bend Mall for the food court and the indoor play ground. That is when I made the biggest mistake ever. We had taken out the strollers last night so that we could fit Mark and Jen's luggage in the van. I didn't take the time to put them back in. So I was at the mall with two boys without a stroller. That will never happen again.

Ethan was so over stimulated from the morning that he didn't want to take his nap this afternoon. For some reason his favorite thing to do when he doesn't want to sleep is to have an accident in his bed. Today he decided that he needed to take a dump then try to clean it up with his blanket. So after I got the bedroom cleaned up the bedding went into the wash.

We couldn't leave to go to my parent's home till after Ethan's blanket got out of the dryer. So we left late and had to meet my family at Southern Junction. I take my kids to the classiest of places. Ethan loved dancing and the mechanical bull. It turns out that it was good that we had our own vehicle because my sister need to get home and my boys were tired and need to get to bed. My grandmother surprised everyone by wanting to stay and listen to the band.