Only one day till Mark and Jen's wedding!! This morning the boys were still sleepy so I just let them lounge around and got caught up on chores and got myself ready for the bridal luncheon. My mom came over to watch the boys while I was out.

The boys woke up from their naps H-Y-P-E-R. So I encouraged them to run around to get out their excess energy before the rehearsal. I also packed up a tote of toys for my boys and the other two kids that were going to be there. Preston was great at the rehearsal. He shared all of his brother's special toys like Ethan's blanket and teddy bear, at least Preston was sharing. Preston also helped pick up all the toys before we left to go to the restaurant. Ethan the ring bearer was another story. He kept trying to run around and wouldn't listen. When he was suppose to walk down the isle he ran, stop went back up the isle, ran back down then did a couple of poses, then finally stood by his dad. I'm really worried that Ethan is going to do something like that at the real wedding.

At dinner the boys were fairly we behaved before and during dinner. Preston started fussing because he was tired and wanted to sleep but just couldn't get comfy. Ethan was just done being around people. So I took him on a walk to the restroom just so that he could have a moment. I found some wiggle videos on Josh phone. So he was doing much better. When we got back to the table Mark gave Ethan his gift. Ethan was super excited to open a present. He got an official ring bearer shirt and badge. Ethan also received a piggy bank that was engraved with his name. Ethan didn't know what it was so I told him to get some change from Josh and I would show him. Ethan was having a great time putting coins into the pig that kept him occupied till it was time to leave.

We headed home for a good nights sleep because tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Jen at the bridal luncheon