The Dance Star Mickey is going to be the death of me this year. I've been to four stores and only found one! I've seen lots of displays for the Mickey and lots of commercials for it. I've read reviews on it and the people who gave it to a one-year-old it broke in just a few weeks. I'm sorry it is over $60 and that is just to expensive for what it is. This Mikey is really looking creepy too. Every time the commercial for this toy comes on Preston gets really excited and starts trying to say Mickey and pointing to the TV. *sigh* Believe it or not being a former Disney employee and my mother-in-law is currently an employee we do have other Mickey plush. So I'm hoping that is all Preston really wanted. So this morning we went on a Mickey hunt, apparently to Ethan that meant pulling out all of his toys and putting them in the middle of the floor. So we were able to locate five different Mickey plush toys. One was the baby Mickey and Preston had zero interest in that one. So now he is trying to carry around four different Mickeys at the same time. Yaay I'm not going to have to fight the crowds trying to find the creepy dancing Mickey. I'm really shocked about the lack of quality in the Dance Star Mickey, in my opinion it looks like a cheap knock off toy. Now it is time to pick up all of the toys in the middle of the floor.

Ethan and Preston did a great job really helping put things away. The clean up went almost as fast as Hurricane Ethan took to make the mess.

After everything was picked up Ethan's teddy had disappeared and it was nap time when Ethan informed me that he didn't know where Teddy is. *sigh* I did get him to take his nap without Teddy but he kept asking for it all afternoon.

As soon as Josh got home I did a mad search and found Teddy and another Mickey. So the boys were super excited with their plush animals.